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Born on the south coast of New South Wales. I'm a photographer who specialises in creating engaging short films and documentaries as well as quality photographs. I have a passion for capturing personalities and incorporating the quirky traits individuals posses in a way that uniquely portrays the person or place behind each and every subject I shoot. To me photography and film are about finding a story. Its about discovering a new place or personality and sharing them with the world.  Max Zappas Photography & Film has been featured in the world’s leading online  publications, including



Photography & Film

As a photographer, I always aim to spark curiosity in my audience and leave them thinking, feeling and always wanting to know more. I am a firm believer in the concept that a single photograph can capture the essence of story, a personality or a moment in much greater detail than words alone... This concept is one I carry with me and forms the foundation on which Max Zappas Photography & Film was built.

I believe the secret to capturing emotive photos lies within the photographers ability to connect with the subject, to expose their personality and make them feel comfortable expressing their individuality in front of the camera. Once a person is comfortable and enjoying themselves the process of capturing their energy and raw honest emotion becomes a lot easier.

As a photographer I am always open to new creative ideas and love working with clients to come up with diferent angles to really capture the subjects personality. Whether its an individual, a family, a business or a beloved pet, I always make it my priority to get to know my clients and really understand what it is they want to get out of a shoot.

I like to spend a bit of time before the shoot dicussing the best locations, props and exploring all of the available options to make sure the whole experience is enjoyable and rewarding for my clients. So if you are thinking about doing a shoot or just want some more information about the options available please Email Us.

Max Zappas Photography & Film also offers a range of great Wedding and Special Event Packages for a great way of capturing and remembering special days. Our packages are both affordable and flexible, so Email Us so we can tailor a package to suit your personal needs.

Promotional Shoots are also available for brands and businesses wanting to gain a creative edge on the competition. Email Us now to discuss the various options.


Every artist has their prefered medium and favourite subject to shoot, here at Max Zappas Photography & Film that medium is film and the subject is the ocean.

Having grown up on the South Coast of NSW, the ocean is something that has always intrigued me and my passion for photography and film has always aimed to capture that intrigue. Growing up in the area, I had access to a lot of world class surfing breaks and a group of local surfers who are carving their way into the World Surfing scene, so naturally my focus drifted to the surf photography & film aspects of this profession.

Fortunately I have been lucky enough to film with the likes of Craig Anderson, Russel Bierke, Ben Player & Sabre Norris, as well as the undiscovered Sean "Seamullet" Mawson and many other great surfers.

My unique style and drive to produce top quality films has led to opportunities to shoot in diverse locations Australia wide as well as internationally in Tahiti, Indonesia and soon to be Hawaii.

If you have a Surf Trip planned and are thinking about a unique way to document the adventure Email Us with your ideas.
I also offer competitive rates on Promotional Shoots for brands and businesses wishing to gain a creative edge over their competitors. Email Us for a quote and to discuss your ideas.

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